Tips for Driving on the Snow

Snow is beautiful, don’t you agree? But do you know what is not beautiful? Putting in danger yourself and your family members when you don’t have the skills to drive a car on a snowy road surface. So in this post you will find out how to drive in challenging conditions. Most of winter’s accidents happen because most of the people don’t realize that they can’t drive on snow and ice and really it isn’t that difficult if you know how to do it the correct way. So let’s get started. First think like you are driving on a layer of a smashed potato, yes, take it THAT easy. Always remember that when braking on a snowy surface it takes a longer distance for a vehicle to come to a standstill that it does on a wet or dry surface. Also another important aspect to take into account is to not lock your wheels. Furthermore another thing that you are going to encounter is the so called tank slapper. That’s happens when the rear of the car comes out as you go around a corner. In this situation what you want to do is let go off the throttle and point the steering wheel to the direction you want to go. But remember to not overcorrect the steering wheel , because what is going to happen, is to spin the car out of control. Now let’s move on to another difficult situation and that is when your car is stuck in the snow. If you find yourself in this position, rock the car back and forth gently until the car gets unstuck. If it doesn’t I’m afraid you need to get out of the car and…….. start digging. Final tip, is when you find yourself in a skidding situation. When your car starts to skid DON’T try to brake. Instead of this, lift off gas pedal and turn the steering wheel in the direction you want to go , as gently as possible. The secret is to not panic and retain a calm attitude. Drive safely

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